To add an agent to your TotalBrokerage account, click "Settings" on the sidebar, and then click "Accounts".

Once in the "Accounts" tab, click "Actions" in the top-right corner of the screen, and click "+Add an Account".

Here you can enter the Agent's details. The required fields are first name, last name, email, and offices (at least one office is required.)  When you’re done, click the Save button. Please note, once an agent has been added or re-enabled, they cannot be disabled for 30 days.

Once you click save, you’ll see the information you entered populated in their fields. You can also update the contact email address for this agent here.

You can also add roles to their account. Check out this helpdesk article describing how to do so.

Additionally, while on this page you can send this agent the password to reset by email, or you can set a password for them.

        a. To send the agent a password to reset via email, click Actions and then Reset Password.


        b. To set a password for the agent yourself, click Actions, then Set Password.


You can then type in the desired password, type it again to confirm, then click Set Password when done.