User Fields, allows one to customize the functionality of TotalBrokerage. Here is where you can customize everything from Activity notes all the way to Vendor details. The User Fields are based on which plan of TotalBrokage you may have. The example you see below is on the Enterprise Plan.  If you would like to upgrade, please speak with your account representative.

To edit the user fields in your account, go to “Setup” and then “User Fields” from your dashboard.

In order to edit or create new user fields, click on the Brokerage name, Office, or Account you want to edit them for. 

  • Editing them for the Brokerage will make it available to everyone in your Brokerage.
  • Editing them for a specific Office will only allow agents in that office to see the changes.
  • Editing them for a specific Account will only allow that agent to see the changes.

Then click on the “View” button next to the field type you want to edit. We are going to take a look at Brokerage User Fields.

User Fields are the fields that populate as an option in dropdown menus. The different choices are: Account Activity Type, Account Details, Account Files, Action Plan Tasks, Bank Accounts, Commission Line Item, Compliance Review Fail Reason, Contact Activity Type, Contact Address Type, Contact Details, Contact Tags, Countries, Expense Type, Language, Lead Source, Lead Status, Lead Type, Message Board Item Reject Reason, Property Type, Transaction Activity Type, Transaction Dates, Transaction Document Clause, Transaction Financials, Transaction Tags, Transaction Type, Vendor Details, Vendor Files, Vendor Type. 

Click on View when you are ready to edit the User Fields.

Click on the green “+Add Item” button to add a new field. 

Type into the left text box the field you want to create, click or tab to the right text box, and then click the blue “Save” button to save the field.

If you want to make a field no longer active (or no longer appear as an option), you can click on the box in the Active column next to the Item so that it is unchecked and click the blue “Save” button. 

To make it active again, simply click inside the box until it is checked and hit the blue “Save” button. 

Note: Once a User Field has been created, you cannot delete it (in accordance with our "retain everything" approach).  The red "x" button is only used to undo changes that have yet to be saved. (e.g., If you added a new country, but then decided you didn't need it, you can erase that line before you save).