The General tab in TotalBrokerage serves as the central hub for managing the foundational aspects of a transaction. It is the first tab you encounter upon creating a new transaction and provides the functionality to edit and manage key details crucial to the transaction's identity and progression. 

Overview of the General Tab:

Name: Customize the transaction's name for better representation and organizational purposes.

Represent: Indicates your representation status in the transaction (buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant), defaulting to your choice in the Wizard Questions.

Type: Assign a transaction type like residential, multifamily, or vacant land, aiding in efficient categorization and filtering.

Tags: If your brokerage manager has created transaction tags, you can assign one to your transaction in this section. These tags help organize and filter transactions based on brokerage-specific criteria. (Note for brokerage managers: Click here to learn how to add user fields, including transaction tags.)

Status: Keep the transaction status updated through stages like active, under contract, or closed.

Transaction Email Address: This dedicated email address is associated with the transaction. You can review and import attachments sent to this address via the Email tab.

Notes: An unlimited space for adding notes or links relevant to the transaction.

Links: Direct access to clickable links added in the Notes section.

MLS Data Import:

Functionality: This feature allows for the automatic import of MLS data directly into your transaction based on the entered MLS number.

Usage: Enter the MLS number and click the "MLS Data Import" button. A window will pop up with options to import Property, Agent, Contact, and MLS PDF, depending on the data available in your MLS feed.

Note: If certain details aren't imported, it means they are not available in your MLS. The existing 'Fetch Info' button in the Property tab remains operational for importing only property information.

Restricted Notes: These private notes can only be accessed and edited by users with the Manager, Accountant, or Compliance Officer roles. Use this section to add sensitive information that should be kept confidential.