Seeing question marks (���) next to a column header in the matching section after importing suggests a potential issue with the CSV file's format.

To correct this, follow the steps below:

1) Open a new Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Tip: Enter into your web browser's address bar for a quick way to create a new sheet.

2) Navigate to FileImportUpload.

3) Choose to either click Browse to select the file from your computer or drag and drop the file directly into the window.

4) After importing the file to Google Sheets, add an empty column to the left side by right-clicking on Column A and selecting Insert 1 Column Left.

5) Label the new column with the header "Blank",

6) Go to FileDownload.csv and upload this modified version to TotalBrokerage.

If the issue persists, please email the .csv file to for further assistance. Our team can review the file or help upload the contacts for you.