To access the compliance queue, in the sidebar go to Transactions and then the Compliance Queue. Please note that this will only show up if you are a compliance officer for an office or the brokerage.

From here, you can search for transaction just like in the "View Transactions" page, or you can start addressing items in the Queue.

Please note that you can view details from the transaction using the Actions button at the top right of the view.

This is an example of what one of the popups will look like. (This is for the general tab)

Additionally, when reviewing the compliance checklist you can add fail reasons to each item or document individually.

We are going to add fail notes to the second task, the first document on the third task and on the third task itself.

You can see the fail reasons being displayed on each task.

From here you would click Fail to send these fail notes over to the transaction to be corrected. If everything on the transaction checklist is correct, you can pass it instead by clicking the Pass button.