You have the ability to generate a Transaction Summary PDF. This document will present all pertinent financial details associated with the transaction. The content of the summary varies based on the user's role:

Non-Manager Agents: The PDF will display only the commission information relevant to the individual agent who generated the document.

Office Managers: The summary will include commission details for all agents involved in the transaction, excluding any commission information pertaining to the brokerage itself.

Brokerage Managers: The document will encompass comprehensive commission details from the commissions tab, covering all participants in the transaction.

You also have the option to download the summary to your computer directly. This might be preferable if you choose not to add the summary to the transaction's document tab, especially when dealing with sensitive information. Vendors with balanced credits and deductions (resulting in a net zero) will not be featured in the Summary PDF.

To create this PDF, navigate to the transaction and go to the actions button at the top right of the page and click on Create Summary PDF.

Choose one of the following:

Add to Transaction: 

Add a summary document to the Documents tab. Any sensitive financial data contained in the document, such as agent splits, will be visible to all participating agents.

Download: Directly download a summary document for this transaction.

Then, choose either the Standard Summary PDF or the Simple Summary PDF. 

Standard Summary PDF:

This gives you the option to include the Agent's net income for the entire year and add in Transaction Financials. In addition, you can choose to generate this summary for a specific account, so only commission information for that agent will be visible without any other managerial or other agent commission information.

The Simple Summary PDF has a less detailed breakdown of the commissions. When selected, each agent and vendor on the transaction will appear below. You can select the checkmark "Disburse Funds to Brokerage" to mark them as payable to the brokerage. You also have the option to override a vendor detail so that it only appears on the generated simple summary PDF. It will not replace the vendor detail on their Vendor page, just on the summary PDF. A use case of this would be if you have a detail called "Wiring Instructions," you could leave it blank on the Vendor page and override it upon each transaction summary with the specific wiring instructions. The detail and the option to override will only appear if the relevant Vendor Detail user field is marked to appear on the Transaction Summary PDF.

Below is an example of a standard Transaction Summary that will be created. It will have an initial field for the broker to sign on the bottom of every page and a signature field on the last page.

Below is an example of a Simple Summary PDF: