Page Tools 

You can delete, sort, and rotate the pages of a document in your transaction. 

You will use Page Tools when you need to split a document into separate pdfs.

1) Locate the transaction and open the Documents tab.

2) Select the Operations menu next to the document you want to modify, then choose Page Tools.

Page Tools will only appear for documents in the editing status. Once a document has been signed, you will only be able to use Page Tools if you make a copy of the document.

3) The Page Tools will allow you to modify the pages of the document. After any edits are made here, a new document copy will be added to the transaction. Choose a name for this document copy in the New Name section. Select the checkbox next to Archive Original Document on Save if you wish to archive the old document after saving the changes. If unselected, both copies of the document will remain.

Sorting Pages

To change the order of the pages, click and drag any page to the desired location.

Split Docs / Remove & Keep Pages

There are two methods to remove pages from a document: 

1) Select the pages you want to remove and click Remove Selected. A new copy will be made without the pages you have selected.

2) Select the pages you want to keep and click Keep Selected. A new copy will be made with only the pages you have selected.

Rotating Pages

If a page was scanned upside-down, you can rotate it by selecting the rotate icon on the page. If all pages are upside-down, you can rotate them by selecting Rotate All.

If you make a mistake while editing the pages, you can select the Reset Pages button to revert the Page Tools before any changes were made.

Once you have completed all changes, click Save on the bottom right of the page.