1) In the left sidebar, go to TransactionsView Transactions

2) Select Actions on the top right and click + Create Transaction.

Alternatively, you can create a transaction directly from within a contact page in your CRM. Within CRMView Contacts, open the contact. Then click Actions on the top right and choose Create Transaction. If you choose this method, the next step does not apply.

3) Choose how to create the transaction.

Through an Office - If you have access to more than one office in your brokerage, you can choose which office this transaction pertains to. The relevant office-level questions will appear on the next page if this option is selected. Use this option if you do not have a contact yet (e.g., a listing.) Please note that if you only have access to one office within your brokerage, you will not have this option.

Through a Contact - You can choose which contact to start the transaction with. The office that the contact is part of will apply to the transaction. You can choose the person type (Buyer, Seller, Landlord, or Tenant) on the next page.

For an Account - Use this option to create a transaction on behalf of another agent you manage. Please note that only users with a Manager role will be able to use this method of transaction creation.

4) On the next page, some questions your brokerage set up will appear. Your answer choices will impact the document groups that are brought into the transaction.

If your Brokerage has the Auto-Populate Checklist option selected, you will see a checklist dropdown menu at the bottom of the questions to add a checklist to the transaction. 

If your brokerage requests additional information from you, the following tabs will be shown:

On the second tab, you can enter information about the Property, which will pull into the transaction (i.e., Property address). 

On the third tab, is where you can enter important dates for the transaction, such as a closing date or the contract effective date.

The fourth tab is where you can enter financial details for the transaction, such as the sale price, transaction fees, or commission information.


If you want to create a transaction without forms, do not answer the questions. Instead, click the Create Transaction without Forms button.  

If you want to proceed with creating a transaction with forms, answer the Wizard questions, then click the blue “+Create Transaction” button on the right.

Your transaction has now been created.

To learn how to edit and work within the transaction, please see Working within a Transaction.