You can send mass emails to your contacts. To do this, go to CRM → View Contacts, and search for your contacts. For a guide on searching for contacts, see this.

Once you have your contact search results, select any that you would like to send the email to. Otherwise, the email will be sent to all contacts in your search result. To proceed, click ActionsSend Email.

On the next page, you can compose your email and then send it to your contacts.  Click the green “Template” button at the bottom to insert a template into your email.  You can also send a test email to yourself by clicking the “Send Test” button.  

Before sending the bulk email, at the bottom you can also choose to add tags to the contacts you are sending this email. They will only be added if the email gets sent to them.

If you want to save the email you just composed as a new template for other emails, select the “Save as template” box.  To send your email, click “Send”.