Access the CRM

From your dashboard, click on CRM and then View Contacts on the left side of the screen.

Search for Contacts

 In the View Contacts section, you can perform simple or advanced searches to find specific contacts.

Simple search: Stay in the Search tab, type your query in the search box, and click the Search button on the right.

Advanced search: Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the page and use the available fields to refine your search. Click the blue Search button at the bottom when you're done.

Your matching results will be displayed below the search box.  Depending on how many results you have, you can also choose how many results you want to display per page.

You can conduct your search with any of the isolation fields, allowing you to search those specific fields. You can search any attribute on the General, preferences, marketing, address or detail tab for the contact.

Specifically for searching tags there are four search options: 

Includes all - Contacts will have all tags defined in the selector

Includes any - Contacts will have at least one tag defined in the selector

Doesn't include all - Contacts will not be included that have all of the tags in the selector

Doesn't include any - Contacts will not be included that have at least one of the tags in the selector

If you manage any other users in TotalBrokerage, you will see a Include contacts owned by managed accounts checkbox. If off, you will only see your contacts in the results. If on, it will show all your managed users' contacts as well. If you change this setting, you will see a save icon appear and that will allow you to save this setting for future use.

Select multiple contacts

In the search results, you will see a checkbox next to each contact. Click the respective checkboxes to select the contacts you want to perform bulk actions on.

Perform bulk actions

After you have selected the contacts, click the Actions button on the top right to perform a bulk action on the selected contacts. If you did not select any contacts, it will perform the action on all contacts in the search result.

The bulk action items are:

Copy - Copies the selected row(s) for you to paste in a spreadsheet tool such as Excel or Google Sheets.

Export - Exports the selected contacts. An email with a CSV file of these contacts will be sent to you.

Reassign all - Change the assigned owner to a specified agent.

Trash all - Trashes all the selected contacts. Please note that it does not completely delete them. It changes its status to trash and can be recovered via the Advanced tab.

Remove all from trash - Batch recover contacts that are trashed.

Send email - Send a mass email to the selected contacts.

Send SMS - Send an SMS text message to the selected contacts.

Add to Automation - Add the selected contacts to a Marketing Automation.

Add to Action Plan - Add the selected contacts to a CRM Action Plan.

Tag All - Bulk tag the selected contacts.

Untag All - Bulk untag the selected contacts.

Call - Opens WAVV dialer if you have set up that integration. 

You can configure the columns in the results by clicking the gear icon.

 In the popup that appears, you can move columns between the available and selected lists using the plus/minus buttons or by dragging the mover icon. The order of the columns in the right list will determine their order in the table. To save the column configuration for future use, check the box for Save these columns as default and press Apply.