ACTION PLANS - These are tasks/actions that are either reminders or emails/texts that can be sent out at scheduled times.

Look at the Buyer, Seller, Landlord, and Tenant action plans set up in your account. Anyone with the Brokerage Manager Role can edit these. Agents can make a COPY of the action plan and then add or edit it as needed.

Here are some samples of other CRM Action Plans that you can create:

  • Buyer Follow-Up - Post Closing

    • Day of Closing - Create Task > Active > Executed Immediately > Contact > The contact owner > Give Closing Gift

    • Day 14 - Call to check-in

    • Day 45 - Send a thank you note

    • Day 365 - Send Happy 1st Anniversary Card & include business cards

  • Buyer Action Plan

    • 1. Send SMS or Create Task (text): 

      It was very nice speaking with you today. I enjoyed our conversation. Let’s stay in touch! 


  • 2. Send Email - Template: Buyer Action Plan 1st email

  • 3. Call the customer to check-in

  • Prospective Client Action Plan

    • 1. Call - Day 1 - Set a meeting within the next five days.

    • 2. Text - Day 2 - Thank them for the previous conversation and confirm the meeting.

    • 3. Meeting - Day 7 - Be a tool; ensure you provide them with as much information as needed, but try not to overwhelm them.    

    • 4. Text or Call - Day 8 - Thank them for the meeting. Ask if they have any questions they thought of.

    • 5. Call to follow up - Day 14 - any questions?

    • 6. Call to follow up - Day 26 - any questions?

    • 7. Call to follow up - Day 32 - Schedule another face-to-face meeting to see where they are in the process. Hold them accountable.

  • Sphere of Influence Action Plan

    • Calls only  - Days 30, 60, 90, 120, etc  - to check in/stay in touch

  • New Leads Action Plan

    • Send SMS - Executed Immediately - 

      • Example: Hello [CONTACT_FULL_NAME],

Thank you for contacting AAA Real Estate about your real estate search. One of our qualified agents will be reaching out to you shortly. In the meantime, please visit our website at Https:// for more information about our listings. We look forward to working with you. Have a wonderful day.