Team Commission Plans in TotalBrokerage allow you to manage commissions for an entire team, overriding the plans set for individual agents. This is useful for offices with tiered commission structures, allowing contributions from all team members to be consolidated.

1) Go to Setup → Teams

2) Browse through the list of teams and select the team for which you want to set up the commission plan.

3) Once you have selected a team, click on the Commission Plan tab.

Select the blue Add or Import button to add a commission plan. Enter all relevant details and click Save.

Important notes:

  • The team commission plan will apply only to transactions originally associated with the team. Transactions assigned to individual agents will continue to follow the individual agent's commission plan.
  • For transactions, please ensure that you Lock Commissions and have a Closing Date or Lease Execution Deadline on the Calendar tab to apply the commission contributions to the plan.
  • We recommend enabling the setting to lock the transaction teams to ensure the transaction is correctly tied to it once set and cannot be changed by agents. This is configured in Setup → Transactions → General → Lock Transaction Team. Once set, only managers, accountants, and compliance officers can change the transaction team.

For additional information on creating a commission plan, see this.