For users with the Brokerage Manager role, you can push out widgets to all accounts. These widgets can come in various forms, including but not limited to announcements, embedded websites, and custom HTML, facilitating a customizable user experience.

Steps to Add a Brokerage-Wide Widget

1) Navigate to the dashboard. This is the page when you first log into TotalBrokerage, or you can click Dashboard on the sidebar.

2) Click on Actions → Add Brokerage Widget.

3) Choose the widget type.

4) Input the necessary parameters.

5) Set an optional expiration date. If set, the widget will automatically be removed on the selected date.

6) Click Save. This action will distribute the widget to all accounts within TotalBrokerage.

Steps to Remove a Brokerage-Wide Widget

1) Locate the widget you wish to remove in the dashboard.

2) Click on the X icon on the top right of the widget.

3) An alert will pop up. Select Yes to confirm the removal.

Only Brokerage Managers have the privilege to add or remove these widgets. Ensure the parameters set are in alignment with the information you wish to broadcast to all accounts.