At TotalBrokerage, we strive to make your experience as personalized and efficient as possible. One of the key features designed to deliver this tailored experience is the Embedded Website and External Link Widgets. These handy widgets allow you to seamlessly integrate your favorite websites right into your TotalBrokerage Dashboard, making browsing and accessing important information a breeze. In this article, we'll walk you through the simple steps to set up and use these widgets.

Overview of the Website Widget Types:

Embedded Website: Allows you to embed a website as a widget within your Dashboard. This can be useful for news or other websites. This can only be done if the website's permission settings allow for it to be embedded in other websites. If it doesn't allow for this, the widget type will automatically switch to the External Link Widget.

External Link: Allows you to add a link to any website. There will be a click to open in new tab button on the widget.

Adding the Widgets

1) Access the Widgets Menu

On your TotalBrokerage Dashboard, locate the Actions button in the top right corner. Click on it, and then select Add Widget from the dropdown menu. This will open the Widgets menu.

2) Select the Embedded Website Widget or the External Link Widget

In the Widgets menu, click on the Widget Type dropdown and choose Embedded Website or External Link. This will open the settings for the widget.

3) Customize the Widget Appearance

You have the option to select a color code for your widget. Click on the Color field and choose a color from the available options.

4) Enter the Website URL

In the URL field, input the web address of the external website you wish to add to your dashboard. Ensure that you enter the complete and correct URL, including the https:// prefix.

For the External Link widget, you are also asked to enter the link name. This is a title for your reference.

5) Save and Load the Widget

Once you have entered the desired URL and customized the widget appearance, click the Save button. The widget will then load the specified website within your TotalBrokerage Dashboard.