Regions and Subregions will allow you to organize your brokerage at a broad scope.

Here is a breakdown of how you can organize your brokerage in order of smallest scope to largest:


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Adding a Region

1) Sign in to your TotalBrokerage website. On the left column, select Setup Regions

2) On the top right corner, select Actions  Add a Region 

3) Name the region and select Add.

After you add the region, you will have access to the GeneralSubregions, and Quickbooks tabs of the region.

Disabling a Region

The General tab allows you to edit the Name and Description of the region. Selecting the Disable button will disable the region.

Adding a Subregion

In order to connect offices to regions, you must add at least one subregion.

1) Select the Subregions tab and select Add

2) Enter the name of the subregion and select Add.

You will now have access to the subregion's General and Quickbooks tabs.

Disabling a Subregion

Disabling a subregion will remove all offices attached to it. To disable a subregion, select the disable button in the General tab of the subregion and confirm the prompt.

Using Quickbooks with Regions and Subregions

You may use the Quickbooks tabs within Regions or Subregions to connect a Quickbooks instance (Online or Desktop version) to it.

Connecting Offices to Subregions

You can connect offices to subregions. Then the offices will be tied to their respective subregions and regions.

1) In the left sidebar of TotalBrokerage, Go to SetupOffices

2) Select the name of an office. Enter the subregion in the subregion section and select Save.