You can create Action Plans within a Transaction. You can create automated tasks, emails or SMS messaging. Follow the instructions below to get started!

The first step is to go to the Transactions Tab and select Action Plans.

Click on the top Actions button and select Add New Action Plan.

You will now see a window asking for a Name and a Description. As a Manager, you can create Action Plans brokerage-wide, office-wide, or for yourself. As an Agent, they will only be able to create Action Plans in their account.

Click the Save button when you are finished.

You will next click on the Actions tab next to the General tab. In the Actions window, you can click the green Add button.

It will prompt you to create a Description. After the Description, select which Action is needed. Create a Task, Send an Email, or Send SMS. We are starting with Creating a Task.

After selecting Create Task, it will ask which Task to Perform. The options can be customized by creating them in User Fields (Click here to learn more about User Fields)

The next prompt is who is this task is Regarding. The options are as follows:
All Contacts- Contacts associated with the Transaction.

All Vendors- Vendors associated with the Transaction.

All Agents- Agents that are a part of the Transaction.

All Contacts, Vendors and Agents- All the contacts, vendors and agents associated with the Transaction.

All Contacts of Type- This will have you select if you want Buyers, Sellers, Landlords or Tenants.

All Contacts of Represented Type- This contains contacts based on the Transaction Type (Ie Buyer's or Seller's contacts)

All Vendors of Type- Vendors of a certain type (IE Escrow Agent, Title Company, etc..) can be selected.

A Single Contact- Choose a single contact within the Transaction.

First Contact of Represented Type- This would be the first person in the transaction (IE Buyer 1 or Seller 1)

A Single Vendor- Able to choose a specific vendor.

Transaction Owner- This is the person in charge of the transaction.

Account with a Specific Role- You can choose Any, Brokerage, Office. Then you can choose the Role.

A Specific Account- You can choose who this is assigned to.

The following prompt is choosing who this task is being Assigned To. Select which person is needed from the dropdown menu.

The next option is When. It asks how many days after being Added to Transaction, Specific Date, or Another Action is Completed. 

Added to Transaction- The selected action would take place the set amount of days after the Action Plan has been added to a transaction.

Specific Date- You can choose which date you would like this Action to occur.

Another Action is Completed- This allows you to select which Action needs to be completed before the new Action can start.

The following Action choice is Send Email. Here we are choosing the Send Email for the Action.

The next choice is the Template. You will need to select which Template you would like to use.

The following prompt Send To will allow you to choose the recipient(s). There are multiple options, from choosing all contacts to a single vendor. Choose the one that needs to be represented.

The following selection is where you want to the email to Send From.

The next option is When. It is asking when you want this task to occur. Click Save when done.

If you select the transaction's status is changed, you will be asked to choose which status the action plan will pertain to in a dropdown called Transaction Status.

The last choice is Send SMS. This allows you to create an automated SMS Message. You need to activate your SMS Number to choose this choice. (Click here if you need SMS Setup instructions.)

In the Message area, you can choose the Insert button, which allows you to insert contacts' first names. In the Message box, you can compose your SMS message.

The following prompt is to who this task is sent to. There are multiple options, from choosing all contacts to a single vendor. Choose the one that needs to be represented.

The following selection is where you want the email to be sent from. Click the blue Save button when you are finished.

You can create as many steps for Transaction Action Plans as you would like. Just click the green ADD button when you want to add more steps.