Here, the Brokerage Manager will create the default settings for all Transactions.

To create your transaction settings, start by going to Setup > Transactions.

Once you enter the transaction setup, the General tab is where you will edit:

  • Default Name for New Transactions 
  • Transaction Settings

Default Name for New Transactions

You will see that there are two different default transaction names. One is used if you create the transaction from within a contact, and the other is used if you create a transaction from the View Transactions page. 

For the one used within contacts, you can automatically merge in account name information, contact name information, what side you represent on the transaction, and the transaction ID. Use the insert menu to the right side and choose the information you want to merge. The text input field is what your transaction name will be.

These menu items will add text to the input in brackets "[ ]". These fields will automatically be replaced with the information from your account or contact when the transaction is created.

Transaction default names for transactions created without a contact are similar to the ones with a contact, except you cannot merge in contact information.

Always be sure to click save!

Transaction Settings

Require Wet Ink Signing for In-Person Signatures: This setting will require that the signer use their cursor to sign (or their finger if signing on their phone). Typing their signature or initials will not be available. If this is NOT selected, there will be the option to require this within the transaction signature request process.

Require Signers to Share Their Location for Signature Requests: Selecting this will require that all signers share their location to sign their documents.

Auto-Populate Checklist: Selecting this will automatically add the Compliance Checklist to the transaction.

Only Managers, Accountants, and Transaction Coordinators Can Create the Transaction Summary Document: This document is a complete summary of the transaction information and is formatted to include the Broker's signature. Select this option to allow only these roles to create the document.

Only Managers, Compliance Officers, and Transaction Processors Can Archive Checklists: This means the Agent will not be able to archive a checklist. If archiving a checklist is necessary, only these roles will have the ability to do so.

Add the Brokerage's address to the Transaction Summary PDF: Select this option if you would like the Brokerage's address to automatically display in the summary PDF. This is especially helpful when providing the Transaction Summary PDF to the Title Company prior to ensure that Brokerage checks are sent to the correct address. *If selecting this option, please verify that the Brokerage Address has been added to Setup > Brokerage > Address.

Disable Bonus Commissions: Selecting this will remove the Bonus Commissions tab from transactions. You should disable this option if Bonus Commissions are not commonly offered in your market.

Disable Earnest Money: Select this option if you remove the Earnest Money tab from transactions.

Hide Transaction Splits from Participating Agents: Selecting this will hide the commissions going to each agent if Additional Agents have been added to the transaction, thus keeping their respective commission splits private.

Automatically Add Date and Time to Signatures and Initials:  This will add the date and time to all Signature and Initial blocks.

Lock Transaction Type: This will lock the transaction type created during the transaction wizard so Agents cannot change it. Managers, Accountants, and Compliance Officers can modify the Transaction Type within a transaction.

Once you've made your selections, be sure to Save!