TotalBrokerage has implemented a way to copy form mappings between your documents. This means that you are able to use fields from a document and transfer it to a new document. Follow the steps below.

To begin, you want to go into your Transactions Forms Library, HR Forms Library, or into a Transaction Document. From here you will want to save the fields of this document to use with a different document.

Click the actions button in the top right corner and select "Save Fields as Template".

You have the option to either create a new template or choose an existing. Here we are going to create a new template. Create a name for the template.

After you have named the template, you are able to navigate to or upload the new document that would like to map.

Click the actions bar on the top right and then select "Import Fields from Template".

Click the template that you just created for this document. Here you are able to fully replace any existing fields on the document or fully replace the pages with everything from the selected template.

Your document will have the fields from the field template you have chosen.