To navigate to the message board, in the sidebar, go to Intranet and then Message Board.

From here, managers or message board admins can create topics to organize posts. Select Click Here to Create One or select the Action button at the top right to create a topic.

In this case, we will make a brokerage-wide topic called "brokerage announcements." You can add a description for agents to see if desired, but it is not required. If this is a subtopic of a previously created topic (for example, you may have a listings topic, and the subtopics would be the county of the listing), you can select it here. You may change the color as well.

The following three settings are configurable for EACH topic/subtopic:

  1. Only moderators can post on this topic: This is great for when you want to have a topic that only managers and moderators can post into. For example, you do not want every agent posting into the brokerage announcements topic, just managers.
  2. Posts in this topic must be approved by a moderator before they become visible to everyone: This is used to moderate your topic and not allow posts to be posted without a moderator's approval first.
  3. Comments on posts in this topic must be approved by a moderator before they become visible to everyone: Same as number 2 regarding comments.

After you press Save, you will see the topic appear on the message board.

Let's create an office-level topic as well and change the color.

Each topic will have four buttons on them for a moderator.

The first option allows you to hide this topic. This is effectively deleting the topic but allows you to keep a history of the posts on this topic.

The second option allows you to edit this topic. It will pull up the same popup as before but will not allow you to change the topic's ownership.

The third option is available to everyone as long as the "Only moderators can post to the topic" option is not checked. This allows you to create a post on this topic.

The fourth option allows you to sort the topic on this page. Only brokerage managers and moderators can sort these topics. Click and drag the topic to where you want it to appear on the page. Please note that everyone shares this order in the brokerage.

If you have a couple of sub-levels to the topic and you want to jump instantly to that topic, you can press the jump to the topic option in the actions button or press ctrl + j to bring up this menu.

If you leave this topic selector blank and press go, it will bring you to the initial view of the message board.