When you first enter your onboarding by clicking a link in your email, you should see a page like this:

After you click next, you will be brought to your first question. In this case, it is filling out the name of your emergency contact.

To continue, press next and fill out the questions.

You may get some questions that you need to upload a document for. Check off the disclaimer and upload the document. Some of these may be for miscellaneous documents, and you can just skip if you do not need to upload any more documents.

Some questions may have you sign documents. Press the "Review and Sign Document" button to sign the document.

When you are in the document, you can press the "sign all documents" or "initial all documents" to sign the document quickly. Alternatively, you can click each signature or initial field yellow box to sign.

You can use the wet ink signature or switch to type in a signature.

After you have finished signing all fields, go ahead and press save.

For this type, after you have completed what the question says. Click "I have completed the task" and click next.

If your brokerage requires you to enter your NAR Member ID, you will be prompted to enter and verify it. If you need assistance locating your NAR Member ID, see this.

After you are done filling everything out, it will bring you to this page where you can return to TotalBrokerage or go back to review the items you just completed.