After you open a signature request either from an email, text message, or directly from TotalBrokerage you will see the following page.

On this page you will see the comments from who sent you the signature request and you will have the ability to either download the document to print and sign or electronically sign them. To download the document press the green "Download PDF" button to the right of each document and to electronically sign the documents press the blue "Review and Sign Document".

If Geolocation is Required: This pop up will appear. You will need to select "Okay" before you are able to sign the document.

You will also see another popup to allow for location, please click Allow to start the signing process.

If you are printing the document and signing you do not need to do anything else on this page and you can close it. If you are electronically signing this document you will be brought to the page shown below.

A popup with the following information will be shown: You may select “Sign All Document” or “Initial All Document” to place your signatures and initials in all required areas on the document.  Alternatively, you may select each yellow signature/initial box on the document to sign and initial the areas individually. Your document may also contain some fields which will appear as blue boxes. These fields are optional and not required. They may be used to provide additional information to be included with the signed document.

After pressing ok you will be able to begin the signing process.

To sign all the documents press the blue "Sign All Documents" button at the top left. This will sign all signature fields on the document. You can also choose to click on each yellow signature field to sign them one by one. The following popup will come on when you click on Sign All Documents or a Signature field.

Here you will be able to sign using your mouse or finger. If you are using Wet Ink Signing, you only need to draw your signature/initials once. You can also used a typed signature by clicking Switch to Type at the bottom.

If you mess up while signing you can clear your signature at the bottom left using the clear button. When you are done signing this field click on save at the bottom right.

The same goes for initial fields and the following two images are for signing Initial fields.

There are also optional fields that can be filled out on some documents. These optional fields will be highlighted in blue and you will be able to fill out information in them. To view the optional fields either scroll through the document or press the yellow "Next Optional Field" button at the top right. Here you will be able to type in information for the document.

Once entirely done signing, the following popup will come up. If you are done reviewing the document, go ahead and press save to finish signing. If not go ahead and press review to continue filling out optional text fields and press save at the top right when completed.

When finished you will see the following page will have the documents you just finished signing available for download. You can download each one before leaving the page.