From your dashboard, click on “Lead Routes” and then “Routes” on the left side of the screen.

Select the lead route you would like to edit.

This will bring you to the general tab of the lead route. Here you will be able to edit the name, timezone, description and lead entry points of the route. Be sure to click save when you are done editing. You can also disable the lead route at the bottom left. This will remove all entry points for the lead route.

In the editor tab is where the lead is actually getting routed. Below is a picture of the editor.

You can press the green plus after hovering over the component to add another component to the route.

Traditional Lead Routing: This is how TotalBrokerage routes leads. It will attempt to go to a Lead Manager if they exist and if not it will go to a Manager.

There are 2 components you can add to a basic route:

  • Actions
    1. Add to Action Plan
    2. Add to Automation

These are applied directly to the lead

Add to Action Plan: This component will add the lead to an action plan when the contact is created.

Add to Automation: This component will add the lead to an automation when the contact is created.

After a component is added you can edit it by clicking the yellow icon or remove it by clicking the red icon.

The legend explains each symbol and the type of component it relates to.