From your dashboard, click on “Lead Routes” and then “Routes” on the left side of the screen.

Click on the actions menu at the top right and press “Add a Route”.

Select the ownership for this route (Brokerage/Office/Account). This cannot be changed after save.

  • Brokerage: The brokerage ownership level allows for all accounts from within the brokerage to be used for lead routing and all brokerage/office level account pools.
  • Office: The office ownership level allows for all accounts in the office to be used for lead routing and only office level account pools.
  • Account: The account ownership level allows for the lead to only be routed to the owner of this account route. 

You can then name the route, choose which timezone this route is being processed in, and add a description. Select the checkbox is the route should mark all contacts created through it as a company lead. This will display a nonremovable banner on all contacts that came in through this lead route designating it as a company lead.

You can also add a lead entry point which is an email the leads are sent into. Please note that these entry points are unique across your TotalBrokerage and cannot be the same as another Routes.

Press Save at the bottom of the page to create this route. After the route is created you will be able to configure the route in the editor tab.