If you have an Enterprise plan with TotalBrokerage, you can personalize your account by using your company logo on the TotalBrokerage website, emails, and on your documents. Please note that only users with the Brokerage Manager role in TotalBrokerage can update the logos.

Follow these steps to update your logos:

1) Go to SetupBrokerage.

2) Click the Branding tab.

3) There are three types of logos you can upload. Click the Edit button below each section to add a logo.

  • Logo for TotalBrokerage Site: This logo will appear on the login page and the top left corner of the TotalBrokerage website after login.

  • Logo for TotalBrokerage Emails: All system emails from TotalBrokerage will contain this logo.

  • Logo for TotalBrokerage Forms: After uploading this logo, you can add it to your forms by selecting Add → Company Logo within the form editor.

4) When you select Edit, read and agree to the disclaimer. Then, click the Upload button to upload the image from your computer.

We recommend using a logo with a transparent background, but any logo will work. For the Site and Emails logos, the image must be in a 1:8 format. Upon uploading, you will be taken to a cropping tool. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to resize the logo, and click and drag to reposition the image or crop box. Click Save when you are satisfied with your edits.