Dashboard- This is what you will see every time you log into TotalBrokerage. It displays the following options: 

  • Calendar- Shows all the calendar dates from your contacts & transactions.
  • To-Do- This list includes your tasks from the action plans (contacts or transactions) and any tasks assigned to your account. 
  • Widgets- Displays information about your usage in TotalBrokerage that can be personalized for your viewing and monitoring.

CRM- The CRM tab is where contacts and vendors are located. There are multiple different choices in the sub-menu. These choices are:

  •  View Contacts- You can see all the contacts that you have uploaded. (As seen below)
  •  Add a Contact- Quickly add a single contact to your CRM.
  •  Import- Import a CSV file of either contacts or vendors.
  •  View Vendors- View your vendors and any brokerage-wide vendors.
  •  Action Plans- Create or modify action plans for your contacts.

Marketing- The marketing tab is used to store email templates, manage automations, and access the file browser. 

  • Templates- You can create or edit your templates. You can create templates for contacts and transactions. (As seen below)
  • Automations- You can view, edit or create drip campaigns where you can add contacts, and the system will send emails or SMS messages automatically. 
  • File Browser- Stores all the photos you have uploaded into TotalBrokerage. 

Lead Routing- This is where you can set up and create custom lead routing into TotalBrokerage.

  • Routes- This is where you can customize, edit, and create custom lead routing. (As seen below)

Intranet*- This is a virtual message board for your agents. You can create topics and posts as needed. (Plus & Enterprise only)

  • Agent Roster- This allows your agents to see everyone who is in their brokerage, and you can view their profile.
  • Message Board- Here, you can create posts and topics for your agents. (As seen below)

Transactions- The transactions tab is where you manage your transactions for contacts. 

  • Forms Library- This is the master copy of the forms needed for transactions. (As seen below)
  • View Transactions- This lets you see and track the transactions you have created.
  • Action Plans*- This is where you can edit or create new action plans for transactions. (Enterprise Only)

Reports- The reports tab lets you get your usage statistics in TotalBrokerage. In the CRM tab, you get information for your contacts. 

  • CRM- You can search for Contacts, Contacts Added, Contacts Trashed, Contact Activity, Full Activity, and Lead Sources.
  • Transactions- You can search for information from your transactions by Transaction Summary, Transaction Summary by Agent, Volume, Pipeline, Vendor Summary, Vendor Count, and Expenses. (As seen below)

Setup- The setup tab is used to personalize your TotalBrokerage. 

  • Facebook- You can set up the ability to get leads through your Facebook page.
  • Licenses- You can see your usage within your account.
  • Transactions- You can add or create templates to use within your transactions.