In order to embed BombBomb videos inside TotalBrokerage, you must first download the BombBomb extension for Google Chrome. To do this, click here.  Once you get to the extension page, click “Add to Chrome”.  (Note: If you do not have a BombBomb account, you will need to sign up in order to use the app). When using BombBomb do not fill out the CRM tracking email as the emails will not be kept track of in TotalBrokerage.

Once you add the extension, a BombBomb icon will be added to your Chrome toolbar (where your other extensions are, if any).  When you click this icon, you can record videos, or embed existing videos.

To embed a video into a template, click on “Marketing”, and then “Templates” from your dashboard.

Click on the template you wish to add the video to, or you can add it to a brand new template by clicking on “Actions” in the top-right corner and then “+Add New Template”.

Once in the template, click on the BombBomb icon in your toolbar.  Then, click “All Videos”.

Click on the video you want to embed, and click “</> Copy HTML”.

After you copy the HTML, scroll down to the template and click the pencil icon.

Right-click and Paste the HTML from BombBomb into the template, then click the pencil icon again.

The video will now appear in the template.  You can also add additional texts or graphics using the standard email editor.  Don’t forget to click “Save” when you’re done.