The To-Do widget displays tasks that need to be completed from your Action Plans or any manually created tasks for you, your contact, or one of your transactions. Tasks can be marked completed directly from the To-Do widget by clicking the checkbox next to the task. You can also access the contact/translation related to the task by clicking on the blue name. You can edit manually created tasks by clicking the icon with the pencil.

You can view upcoming tasks by selecting upcoming in the dropdown. Please note that this will not show any upcoming Action Plan tasks but only manually created tasks.

You can add a task by clicking + Add a Task or by clicking Add a Task in the Action menu at the top right of the page. 

Complete the following:

1) Select whether this task is for an Account, Contact, or Transaction.

2) Select which Account, Contact, or Transaction applies.

3) Add a description of what needs to be completed.

4) Select the due date of the task.

5) Click Save to add the task.

Note: If you are a manager, you should see a dropdown menu in the To-Do widget that allows you to select which tasks to see - tasks for your Account only, tasks for a managed Office, or tasks for the entire Brokerage. To do this, click My Account on the top right of the widget.