Administrative reporting is only available for Brokerage Managers, and Office Managers to see.  If you would like to access Administrative report, click on “Reports” and then “Administrative” from your dashboard.  

This tab provides a report of the login activity of agents within a particular time frame. The report provides information on which Accounts have logged in (including the IP Addresses they have logged in from), the number of Logins, and the date & time of the account’s Last Login

If you want to see which IP Addresses an agent has logged in from, simply select the blue “+” button (select the red “_” icon to minimize).  

To select the time frame; select the Start Date and End Date (Note: When selecting the Start Date, the End Date will default to a month and a day after the selected Start Date). 

You can filter to view accounts by office. Select which offices you want to see accounts from.

You can also filter to view specific accounts. Select which accounts you want to see in the report.

To Generate the report, select the blue “Generate Report” button.