To access Pipeline reports, click “Reports” and then “Transactions” from your dashboard.  Then, click the “Pipeline” tab.

Here you can run a transaction report which shows the; Lead Source, number of Contacts, number of Closed, Net Agent Income, and Net Broker Income about transactions in your pipeline. The default setting of this report will run for the past month (plus a day) and show the transactions descending in alphabetical order (seen in the Account column) by Office and Name of the agent. 

To customize the report, you can change the:

  • Dates: To change the dates, choose which date types this report is based on and for the range, click on the grey calendar date boxes and select the appropriate dates you want to run a report between.


  • Status: Here you can narrow your search by the status of a transaction by choosing from the drop down menu; Active, Pending, Closed, Rented, or Dead


  • Participating Agent: Here you can narrow your search by choosing which agents in your office or brokerage are included in the search.Your ability to select agents will be contingent on your assigned role in TotalBrokerage.If you are an agent with no specified manager role, then you can only select yourself. To do so, click inside the text box to the right of Participating Agent and select the appropriate agent(s) you want to include.


  • Office: Here you can narrow down your search by choosing which offices are included in your search.  Your ability to select offices will be contingent on your assigned role in TotalBrokerage. To do so click inside the text box to the right of Office and select the appropriate office(s) you want to include. 


  • Trashed: You can choose to: Include Trashed Contacts, Don’t Include Trashed Contacts, or Include Only Trashed Contacts in your report.


  • View Report as Agent: If you are an Office Manager or Brokerage Manager, you can select this option so that you only see information that relates to you as the agent.  


  • Generate Report: Once you have chosen all the parameters for your report, select the blue “Generate Report” button to run the report. 


  • Show ___ Entries: Here you can expand the amount of entries shown in the report. To do so click on the drop down arrow located within Show ___ Entries and select the appropriate number that you wish to expand by.


You can also download your report as a CSV.  To do this, just click the “CSV” button above the Report table to the right.

You can configure the column by clicking the gear icon.

The following popup will come up. The columns on the left are available to be selected while the column on the right are already selected.

To move a row from the left to the right, you can press the blue plus button or drag the mover icon from the left to the right list.

To move a row from the right to the left, you can press the red minus button or drag the mover icon from the right to the left list.

The way the right list is organized will be the order the columns appear in the report and they can be rearranged.

If you want to save the column configuration for the future, you can check the box for "Save these columns as default" and press apply.

The totals for the entire report will be shown at the bottom of the table.