Offices serve as an effective method to structure your brokerage in TotalBrokerage. They allow you to distribute transaction forms across different offices and generate distinct financial reports for each one.

To add a new office into your TotalBrokerage account, navigate to the left sidebar and select SetupOffices.

This page displays all your existing offices. To add a new office, navigate to Actions+ Add New Office.

On the popup, input the office name and select Add.

The new office will then be integrated into your account. The details for the new office will be displayed on this page. Here, you can modify any office specifics, including Office Name, Phone, and Address.

In case you want to deactivate an office, select the red disable button on the left. This action ensures that this office will not be assigned to agents in the future, and it will be excluded from the office list in SetupOffices.

Once all changes are made, confirm them by clicking the blue Save button located on the bottom right.

To locate deactivated offices, go to the Office's Advanced tab and select the Disabled option from the dropdown menu.