With Fee Plans, you only have to set up fees once and apply them to your agents. When a transaction is created, the agent’s fees will be automatically applied to the transaction’s Base Commission. When an agent is added to a transaction, their fees will also automatically be added to the transaction’s Base Commission. If an agent is removed from a transaction, their default fees will be removed along with them. This can be useful for predefining fees for Errors & Omissions, as well as a Transaction fee.


To access your brokerage’s list of fee plans, click on “Setup” and then “Commissions” from your dashboard.


Click the ‘Fee Plans” tab.


You can search your current fee plans by name, description, and active status.

To add a new fee plan, click “Actions” at the top-left corner of the page and select “Add a Fee Plan.”


Enter the information for the plan here. Choose the person type(s) and transaction type(s) for this fee plan if you wish to configure when the fee plan takes effect. The fee plan will only take effect when one (or both if specified) match the transaction type/person type. If none are added, it will apply to all the agent's transactions. 

If you want to add a line item, click the green “+Add a line item” button.  

Click “Save” when you’re done.

After a fee plan is created, it can be disabled by clicking the disable button at the bottom left. This will give you the option to remove it from all accounts.