To create a brokerage-wide commission plan, click on “Setup” and then “Commissions” from you dashboard.

You can search your current commission plans by name, description and active status.

To add a new commission plan, click “Actions” at the top-left corner of the page and select “Add a Commission Plan.”

Select a name for the plan. You can add a description if you want to be more specific (a description is not required). You can also add an optional Max Fee to set a maximum brokerage fee per transaction. For instance, you can establish a plan with a 50/50 split until the transaction value reaches $500. Then the remainder will go to the agent.

Then select the type of plan - flat or tiered.

There are two different types of Tier Types to choose from:

  • Flat: the agents receive the same split across all transactions 

  • Tiered: will determine their split from contributions on prior transactions. (Use this type if your plans have a cap)

Next, choose what the plan is based on. It can be one of the following options: 

Gross Commission Before Split

Agent Gross Commission

Broker Commission - broker's income from a split of an agent's transaction

Value of Financials - amount of a transaction financial from the financial tab of a transaction

Value of Current Transaction Financial - based exclusively on individual transactions. By choosing this option, your commission structure will be dedicated to each transaction's chosen value, untouched by other deals. 

Number of Transactions - based on the number of transactions that this commission plan has been applied to.

The next option is “Bonus Commission Counts Towards Agent Contribution”.  If this is checked any bonus commission from this transaction will factor in as well.   

The next option is “Resets on Anniversary Date.” If this is checked, it will be based on transactions funded since the agents last anniversary date. If this is checked, you will be able to add the anniversary date when you select the agent's plan.  

The next option is the “Funding Date”. This allows us to determine at which the transaction can be recognized as funded and the agents contribution is complete. (i.e. Closing Date or Lease Execution Deadline).  

In each tier, you are allowed to specify the agent's split that applies to the base commission and the agent's split that applies to the bonus commission.  You can choose if each tier is an agent split percentage, a flat broker's fee, or a percentage of a financial value.

Agent Split Percentage: This will allow you to enter the percentage of the deal that is going to the agent.

Flat Broker's Fee: This will allow you to enter a flat amount of income coming into the brokerage per transaction. 

Transaction Financial Value: Choose this option to set the agent's payout as a percentage of a specified financial value. For instance, you could set it to 0.1% of the Sales price. Upon selection, specify the relevant financial value from the dropdown menu provided.

Note that if different tier types are used within the same commission plan, the commission for a transaction will be calculated based on the tier type in effect when the transaction commenced. The commission calculation will not be split between tiers, even if the transaction moves to a different tier later on.

If you want to remove a tier, click on the red “x” button next to the tier you want to delete.

Remember to click the “Save” button when you’re done.

Above was an example of a Tiered Agent Split Plan. Below is an example of a capped Flat Broker's Fee Tiered Plan. See that the flat amount 

Your new commission plan for the brokerage will now be added, and the details will appear under a “General” tab.  You can disable this plan by clicking the disable button at the bottom right. When doing so, you will have the option to remove this plan from all the accounts currently using it.