You can edit the information and program a form here (you can also do this right after you upload a new form). Start by selecting TransactionsForms Library from your dashboard.

Find the form you want to edit.

The first tab that appears is the General tab. You can edit basic information (Name, Status, Active or Inactive, and Groups) of the form here. You can also download a copy of the form and see what time the form was created and last updated. When you’re done editing this information, click Save.

The next tab is Signers.  This is where you can add (or remove) contacts and vendors for the form. In order to change the number of vendors and signers, click the up and down arrows next to the numbers, then choose who the vendors and signers are. You can add as many signers as needed.

The last tab is the “Pages” tab. This is where you map the fields of your form.

*To learn how to map a form, please see “working within a Form” (you may click here).