You can perform a regular or advanced search for a template on TotalBrokerage.  To do a basic search, from your dashboard click “Marketing” and then “Templates”.

You can type the name or a group of the template you are looking for in the “Enter text” box.  (Note that you can also edit, view, and copy templates here using the options to the right of the list of templates.)

To do an advanced search, click on the “Advanced” tab.

Here you can search by Name, Office, Account,  whether the template is Active and by Group. You can specify how the program searches for the values you want to search for by choosing either equals (the default setting), not equals, starts with, ends with, contains, or doesn’t contain. These options can be chosen by clicking on the down arrows immediately to the right of Name, Office, and Account.  Next to the search type you can type in what you want to search for specifically. For inactive search, select if you want to show inactive template or they will be excluded by default. Lastly, select which groups you want the templates you are searching for to contain. Please note that it will only include templates that have ALL groups you selected.  Click “Search" when you’re done and your results will appear at the bottom of the page.