You can upload any image or file from your device to your TotalBrokerage account.  From your dashboard, click “Marketing” and then “File Browser”.

In File Browser, you can also search, edit, delete, and download files and documents.  To continue with your upload, click “Actions” in the top-right corner and then “+Upload a File”.

A blue disclaimer message will pop up.  Please read and then accept the terms if you agree.  After you’ve checked the box, click “Upload”.

Choose the file that you would like to upload to TotalBrokerage from your device.  Then, click “Open”.

Your new uploaded file will now appear as the first line item on your file list.


You can also change who can access a file (by promoting) from an agent to an office or brokerage.  To do this, click the Owner of the form you want to use.  

Then, click on who you want to provide access to.  Click “Okay” to finalize your changes.