Here you can search and add activities that occur between you and your contact (such as called, hung a lockbox, met for lunch, etc.).

You can categorize your activity as a note, phone, or any other user fields your brokerage may have added. To change the activity category, click on the blue “Note” button and select another option from the dropdown menu.

Please note only brokerage managers are able to add more activity options.

When creating the activity you can choose to notify the owner or managers of the contact. If you do not wish to send out notifications click the green bell.

If you have an activity that needs to be scheduled into your calendar, look for the activity that you need to schedule and click the red “Add to Calendar” button next to that activity. You can also add a task for this activity as well if you want it to appear on your To-Do list.

From there, you can edit the event information accordingly. Remember to hit “Save” when finished.