You can  create custom fields in your contact details, for this go to "Set Up" at the bottom and click on "User Fields".

Select "Contact Details" and click "View".

Click the green button that says "Add Item".

Type in your question into the blank field. Click the blue save button.

You can add multiple contacts at once to your CRM by importing a CSV file.  To do this, click “CRM” and “Import” from your Dashboard.

From the Import screen, read the entire disclaimer.  If you agree, check the “I have read, understand…” box at the bottom.

Next, select Contact or Vendor as the upload type. You may click the Upload button or drop a CSV file from your desktop on the blue box.

You will be able to select which file you want to upload from your computer.  Please make sure that it is a “.csv” file.  Then click “Open”.

On this page, you will match the fields from your CSV to the pre-existing fields in Total Brokerage. You can chose which ones you want to bring in and which ones you do not need.

If a field is not matched, it will say “Do Not Import” as the default.  You can select which field you want it to match by clicking on the drop down menu and making a selection.

Here you will be able to see the added field.

Managers are able to assign their CRM imports into a lead route.

To assign a lead route, click "Assign to -> Lead Route". A dropdown window will appear and then you are able to assign the CRM imports to your chosen lead route.

Managers are able to assign CRM imports to an agent if they chose. Under the "Assign to" box, click the drop down and select which agent the contacts need to be assigned to. They are also able to assign the import to themselves, an agent or a lead route.

The manager then chooses which account they need to assign the CRM imports to.

Once you’re done matching up the fields, click “Import” at the bottom.

Finally, you will receive a green confirmation message saying that your contacts have been imported.