To create a calendar event, follow these steps.

1) Go to your dashboard and locate the calendar.

2) Click on  + Event in the top-right corner of the calendar or click on the specific day of the month you want to create the event for.

A pop-up box will appear. Enter the relevant information about the event, such as title, notes, time frame, reminder preferences, and color.

Setting up Event Recurrence

If you want the event to repeat on specific days, weeks, months, or years, follow these steps:

1) Click the Repeat this event checkbox within the pop-up box.

2) The pop-up box will expand, allowing you to enter the recurrence pattern and an optional end date in the Until field.

Important Information: When creating events using this method, they will be visible exclusively to you, unless you are a Brokerage Manager and choose to make them brokerage-wide events. These events are not linked to any contacts or transactions.

Adding a Brokerage-wide Event (Brokerage Managers Only)

If you are a Brokerage Manager and want to create an event visible to all users within your brokerage, follow these additional steps:

While creating a new event, click the Make this a Brokerage-wide event checkbox within the pop-up box.

This will automatically add the event to every user's calendar within your brokerage.

Now your brokerage-wide event is visible to all users, making it easy for everyone to stay informed about important events and meetings.